IP and Regulatory Disputes

IP/Contract Dispute

• Provided report, deposition and testimony for major manufacturer to overcome a contract dispute over a consumer brand

• Successful assisted in the invalidation of a family of gaming patents ( Patent Arcade, Kluwer Reports, Patent Docs )

Patent Preparation

• Initial drafts for individual inventors

• Attorney draft technical & claims scope review for a medium-sized manufacturer

• Complex figure generation for small and medium sized companies

• Prior art searches for individual inventors and medium-sized company

Regulatory Advice

• Expert report interpreting new jurisdictional regulations

• Proposed language changes for “rule making” submission phase

Patent Support

• Primary technical reviewer on over 100 gaming patents

• Prior art research to invalidate claimed infringements

• Analysis of 3rd party patents to avoid infringement in development in similar area

Patent Portfolio Analysis

• Mobile patent portfolio review, triage, prioritize

• 3rd party portfolio review and evaluation relative to in-house value

• M&A portfolio valuation

Regulatory Submissions

• White papers to support proposed regulatory changes / clarifications

• Detailed treatises on new features to overcome initial regulatory pushback

• Formal reports responding to player complaints to regulators

• Analysis of loss/benefits due to game malfunctions

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