Don't gamble with your gambling dispute.

Mark Nicely has extensive gaming-industry experience:

gaming titles released
granted US patents (more pending)
types of game/gambling analysis reports
years of software engineering experience
years of gaming industry experience
expert witness engagements
new case law results
adverse results*
  • Mark C. Nicely – Gambling IP Expert Witness

    Mark C. Nicely – Gambling IP Expert Witness

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  • “The Tax Court decision has been entered ...Instead of Mr. YYYY owing the government about $250,000, he gets a refund in 2006 of about $9,200 plus interest. He will owe about $2,000 or so for 2007. Thanks for all your help."
  • "Attached is the Gagliardi decision which was issued a couple hours ago. It was a home run thanks to you."
  • "In short, I believe the Government will eventually concede the gambling issue in full. But, at the worst case, it is now a $13,000 issue, not the over $10 million issue it was until this week."
  • "Thank you for your excellent report. It should prove most helpful."
  • "It has been really nice working with you, and I hope our paths cross again."
  • "The report reads well. Thank you for the quick turnaround."
  • "You are delightful to speak with."
  • "The report is great."
  • "I truly believe that IRS District Counsel and [IRS attorney] Mr. YYYY did not want to tangle with you again."
  • "I read a transcript of your deposition, which was outstanding."
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